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Information + Perspective = Persuasion
Whether communicating to a jury, a prospective client, or an influencer in a legislative or quasi-judicial vote, Carlson|Turner|Miller brings the information and perspectives needed to most effectively persuade your audience.

Experience, Commitment & Candor
Our expertise is diverse and includes research, law, law enforcement, psychology and psychiatry, marketing communications, writing and design. Our firm is small, and each of our clients receives our full commitment and personalized attention. We bring decades of legal communication expertise. Most importantly, you can rely on our candor.

Flexible & Easy to Work With
We serve as a flexible and natural extension of your firm. No project is too small or too large; our objective is to have long-term and trusted relationships with our clients.
The team at Carlson|Turner|Miller has years of experience providing
political and legal support services. We help. You win.
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